Information Sheet : Neem Oil - 1500 PPM

Save your plants from Locusts, White Flies, Beetles, Mealy Bugs and root diseases.

  • Our Neem oil is produced by natural way without heat, chemicals, Petrochemical and retains all the well balanced ingredients in the oil.

  • Made using high quality raw input from organically grown trees.

  • High 1500 PPM makes it more effective for your use case.

Benefits of Neem Oil for gardening & Agriculture:

  • It is organic and biodegradable.

  • It is non toxic to human beings, animals, birds and earth worms.

  • Neem oil is non toxic to beneficial and non target organisms.

  • Neem oil is effective against more than 208 species of insect pests, some of whom are resistant to chemical pesticides or are otherwise difficult to control.

  • Neem Oil is one of the best organic NPK fertilizer.

  • It is a great fungicide to control fungus growth in soil.

  • Neem Oil acts as a mosquito repellent.

How to Use?

Simply dilute the concentrate in water and spray it onto your plants, vegetables and Micro-greens and add it to your soil for watering and keep your vegetation healthy and happy!

How much to mix?

  • Add 5ml to 7ml in one liter of water.

  • Add one drop of very mild soap solution preferably liquid dish-washing soap.

  • Mix the solution properly.

  • You can now spray it on plants or add it to soil as per requirement.


  • Do not use raw Neem Oil for plant protection.

  • Do not spray Neem Oil in full sunlight, it can cause burning of leaves. Prefer timing like evening or early morning.

  • Store in Dark and Cool Place away from sunlight.


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