BioBac - Aerobic Composting Bacteria Culture

BioBac - Aerobic Composting Bacteria Culture


BioBac - Composting Culture is specially designed, the highly concentrated microbial culture used to make high-quality compost. It works with aerobic composting systems accelerating the composting process to 20-25 days(typical).


  • Specially developed micro organism becomes natural carrier of NPK making compost highly suitable for agriculture, gardening.
  • Accelerate composting temperature to 50-60 degree Celsius.
  • Composting process happens with minimum odor.
  • High temperature removes any pathogen present in compost.
  • Highly concentrated culture means lesser quantity use.
  • Technical Specifications

    • Microbial count: 10 billion cells/grams
    • Spectrum of micro organisms: Non-Pathogenic, Saprophytic Bacteria, Actinomycete, Fungi, Enzymes.
    • Moisture content: Not more than 10%w/w.
    • Safety: Absolutely non pathogenic to humans and animals.
    • Dose: 5 grams per Kilogram.
  • How to use?

    Dry Application: Mix 5 gram per Kilogram of BioBac while maintaining at-least 30% moisture and proper aeration.

  • Suitable For

    • Municipal Corporations
    • Nagar palikas
    • Gram panhayat
    • Community/Apartment Composters
    • Household aerobic composting.