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ChaCha Bins - Easy Home Composting

  • Most Advance Design for Small-Sized Composter
  • Worry free, easy composting kit that works naturally
  • Safe from Mosquitoes, Rats and Pet Animals
  • In-built Leachate Collection tank
  • Lid locking mechanism One Kit Contains


  • Benefits of ChaCha Bins

    Composting is a natural process that takes place all around us since organic life came into existence. It creates balance in the environment. Things were great until we humans moved to densely populated cities and became irresponsible with our waste.

    So what happens to our kitchen waste?

    Once we handover our waste to the garbage truck, it goes to landfill where it rots not decomposes. It harms everything all around us, land, air, water and animals. Let’s put a stop to this with decentralised composting.

    Benefits of ChaCha Bins?

    • Ease of Use
    • Quality of Product
    • No more smell
    • No more reliance on garbage pickup truck


  • How To Use

    ▪ Collect wet/food waste up to 350 grams per day.
    ▪ Additionally, mix BioBac + BioFeed with the wet waste.
      (Use  5 grams of BioBac  + 10-20% of BioFeed to the food waste)
    ▪ Transfer the mixture into ChaCha BIN.
    ▪ Repeat  the same process every day till first unit of ChaCha BIN  is filled, keep aside for the next  40 days.  
    ▪ Now, Continue the same process with another unit until it gets filled.
    ▪ After the 40th day i.e 41st day, the 1st batch of your homemade fully organic compost will be ready to use for your garden.
    ▪  Below to ChaCha bin, there is an inbuilt collection tank for liquid compost, also called leachate, which can be used as a fertilizer for plants in 1:20 ratio dilution i.e 1 liter of leachate with  20 liters of water.
    With each kit of ChaCha BINS you receive:

    • 2 units of ChaCha bin.
    • BioBac 500 grams.
    • BioFeed  1 KG.
    • User Manual.

    Compost Supplement SUBSCRIPTION BOX contains:
    ♦ BioFeed 8 kg.
    ♦ BioBac 500 grams.
    ♦ It will last up to 3 months.


  • Manufacturer Details

    Bhuyantra Waste Management Pvt Ltd

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