Kill-Wish : Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser - Lite

Kill-Wish : Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser - Lite

  • Designed for continuous, contact-less use.

  • Large Storage Capacity, Free from risk and hassle of frequent refilling.

  • Easy Table top/Counter Top placement.

  • No Batteries required. Requires 220V AC current (adapter included)

  • Tech Specs

    Model: Lite

    • Storage Capacity: 5 Liter
    • Mode of operation: Automatic Sanitizer Dispense(Consumes less power than mist dispenser)
    • Mounting Style: Table Top/Counter Top
    • Power Supply: AC 220V Adapter (included in the box)

    Working: The system starts and continue to dispense till user
    keeps his/her hand under dispenser. The dispenser will stop
    immediately once hand is removed.



  • Manufacturer Details

    Bhuyantra Waste Managenent Privated Limited

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