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Customer Reviews

  • Happy Gardening.


    These all grown from only Bhuyantra garden product. It was wonderful experience to buy product from you. Thanks Bhuyantra. Happy Gardening.

  • Good products


    Really thankful to Bhuyantra for its amazing products ...neem oil and its panchamrit really did wonders to my plants...

  • Good Product

    Adhesh Kumar Yadav

    Cocopeat of Bhuyantra is cheaper even after payment of Rs 170 transportation charges from Bangalore to Lko.
    Other products like neem,Oil and Biobac
    and others are very good
    for garden and production of vegetables on roof.

  • Love for succulent survived

    Pulie Teronpi

    With ready to use Cinder Potting mix, I was able to go tension free and love them even more.

  • Perfect Husk


    If you're making your own potting mix for indoor plants, this is a great amendment to use. It holds moisture and releases bto roots when needed, light

  • Good


    The product increased in size tremendously after adding water,

  • Nice Cocopeats


    There were no reviews of this product so I checked other products of bhuyantra and found them favourably rated ,hence decided to buy it.
    Cons -1. the packing was filmsy and inner plastic was torn. I could see a lot of coir (long fiber) without opening. But had to do some quick repotting , so i didn't return it.
    2. Lot of long fibers . After soaking it for 30 mins in water, i stirred it slowly and painstakingly separated the coir from the husk. About 20 -25% coir. !!
    3. Unbranded packing . No name of company. And i normally prefer, manufacturers as sellers.
    4.weighed less than 4 kgs. Not very dense block. Hence it can be broken by hand
    Pros -Using it was mixed feelings. It has excellent and clean large grained coco PITH. Ya , not powder.!
    It absorbs water quickly and is ready to use after a wash or two.
    No smell, no sand ,no gravel !!

  • Love the Brand


    Love their innovation with product. Brings a lot of new products.

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